Watch: Pipeline ruptures, sending up massive jet of water that damages homes and cars

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A water supply line burst in Guwahati’s Kharghuli area,

35 minutes ago

#Guwahati: Burst pipes wreak havoc in Kharguli area.#water

— Rajdeep Bailung Baruah (@BailungRajdeep) May 25, 2023

Water pipeline bursts in Kharguli area of #Guwahati. Houses flooded. Vehicles damaged. One woman killed, several injured. More details awaited. #Assam

— Rajdeep Bailung Baruah (@BailungRajdeep) May 25, 2023

#Assam: A supply pipe of Gammon water exploded near Kharguli area of #Guwahati on May 25.

According to reports, a woman lost her life and several have been injured in the #accident.

— India Today NE (@IndiaTodayNE) May 25, 2023

#PHOTO | Water pipe blast incident reported in #Guwahati.

📷Jaipur, Kharghuli#Assam

— G Plus (@guwahatiplus) May 25, 2023
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