LONGDING, 24 Jan: The PHE&WS department, in collaboration with the Wancho Cultural Society, the Zohai Tingsho Hutam, the United Friends of Longding, and the Niuanu, Niausa, Longsom & Zedua Students’ Union, organised a rally here on Tuesday to promote protection of the district’s catchment areas.

As part of the event, the PHED district consultant highlighted the issue of water scarcity in the district due to jhum cultivation around the catchment areas. He informed also about “the recent burning of the catchment area around the Longding township water supply source,” and urged the youths and organisations to “work together to protect the catchment area, plant more trees, and dig catch-pits to recharge and sustain the drinking water source.”

He urged them to replicate the EB project in Leparada HQ Basar “to recharge the streams and sources in the district.”

The rally was flagged off by the PHED assistant engineer. (DIPRO)