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What river is this, which has no bridges and is crossed only by ferry along its almost 7,000 km length?

What river is this, which has no bridges and is crossed only by ferry along its almost 7,000 km length? | Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

1. On March 19, 1932, this iconic bridge was opened by a stranger on a horse. It is one of the most easily identifiable bridges in the world thanks to its four huge granite pylons, which actually play no part in supporting the bridge. Every year, this is probably the first monument you’d see welcoming the New Year. Which bridge is this known by its location?

2. In 1848, for a bridge under construction, engineers needed to secure a line across an 800-ft.-wide chasm. They conducted a kite-flying competition and one local boy managed to fly a kite across and got paid 5$. This eventually became the very first railway suspension bridge connecting the U.S. and Canada. What natural wonder can one see as they cross the bridge?

3. The Øresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden is the longest in Europe which has both roadway and railway combined in a single structure. The characteristic feature of this bridge was to avoid interference with air traffic from a nearby airport and provide a clear channel for ships. What is this interesting feature that looks amazing in pictures?

4. The Fairy Bridge is a 400-ft.-wide natural bridge carved in limestone by river Buliu in Guangxi province, China. Till 2009, this wonder was not known outside the local area. Jay Wilbur discovered it while sitting at home, and intrigued by what he saw, did some calculations and realised he was looking at the largest natural bridge in the world. What did he use to discover this bridge?

5. This iconic bridge was initially painted with a sealant that was bright orange, and was meant to be painted yellow later. This colour worked better in fog and so was kept as such. The iconic silhouette of the bridge became the logo of a global IT company named after the city in which the bridge is located. Which bridge is this?

6. The Magdeburg Bridge spans river Elbe and was opened in 2003. At 918 metres in length, it is the world’s longest of its kind. What is unique about this bridge is that one cannot drive over it, as there is no road. What does this bridge carry over the river?

7. Engineers built a bridge between Germany and Switzerland across the Rhine from either side, but when they met in the middle they discovered an embarrassing error. The heights of the bridge parts differed by 54 cm. This was due to the Germans basing something on the North Sea, and the Swiss basing it on the Mediterranean Sea. What value is this, which unfortunately is not constant everywhere?

8. The Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge is a double-deck carriage bridge in New York. For almost two decades it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, and its central span of 1.3 km was a world record. The support towers for the span are actually two inches farther apart at the top than the bottom. What is the reason for this?

9. Bridges are an ubiquitous feature of civilisation but there is a certain river which does not have even one bridge across its entire length. In many places it is too wide to build a bridge, and in other places it is surrounded by dense rainforests with no habitation. What river is this, which is only crossed by ferry along its almost 7000 km length?

10. There are 20 bridges which are shown on these entities. They symbolise the European spirit of openness and cooperation, and communication between the people of Europe. They were all fictitious, with different styles from different countries to ensure there was no bias, but the Netherlands built the bridges in real life anyway. Where would one have seen these ‘fictional’ bridges?


1. Sydney Harbour Bridge

2. Niagara Falls

3. The bridge goes underwater into a tunnel and then comes out

4. Google Earth

5. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

6. Water; it’s a water bridge allowing cargo ships to cross across the river.

7. ‘Sea Level’

8. The difference is because of the curvature of the Earth.

9. The Amazon

10. Euro notes

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