India & Layoffs: As Tech Firms Ask To Pack Up, Keep Calm & Make the Right Calls!

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Effects of Layoffs and How Can One Recover

Some perceive it as a temporary setback. They pick up the pieces and start over again. Some feel uprooted and totally paralysed by the situation. Then there are some who might even consider taking an extreme step. Every individual has his/her own way of coping with it.

You can bounce back from this setback though by following some simple yet powerful strategies. In simple words, you need to do something about it apart from the job hunt. These strategies will prevent a low self-esteem, burnout, and a sense of loss. These feelings have a way to dampen the energy and efforts needed to come out of the situation. You have to be up and running as you search for a job.

1.  Assess the situation objectively: Don’t get into the minute details of how you lost your job. Who was to blame? How you could have saved the situation and so on. This comes from the fact that you are in denial. At least, in the initial phase. This eventually leads to negativity that will come in two forms.

One, you are bitter about your organisation, two you are into a self-blaming mode and carry guilt. Some of us tend to get irritable, dejected, and anxious. However, an objective assessment will help you move on. Your negative behaviour may adversely affect your family, your relations and even your next job interview!

Get an objective perspective. Look at it as something that happened where you or your organisation may not have had any better choices. Businesses fail, markets crash, people are laid off. This is just one of those things. You are still a professional with abilities and skills that will help you get another job. Now or in a while.

2. Take on the stress head-on: Consciously, we all want to be back to our enthusiastic and productive self. We also know that this only will sail us through the hard times. However, stress and anxiety have a way of showing up and pulling things down. Job loss can be very taxing on your mental health. Irrespective of whether you feel strongly about it or not, make sure you do the following when coping with a job loss.

- Do not hold back your feelings. The advice of “be strong” will be echoing in your ears all the time. This makes it hard to bring up your emotions. However, it is important that you bring them up, feel them fully and let them pass. It is the natural process of grieving for a loss. You feel lighter and are able to move on.

- Talk to people about it. Your spouse, friends or extended members of the family members. Being egoistic and tight-lipped will only make you lonelier. Talking to people will get you a lot of moral support to begin with.

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