Health department issues warning against dengue fever

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In the wake of intermittent summer rains, the District Medical Office has sounded an alert against a possible outbreak of dengue fever.

The public have been advised to ensure source eradication, as the disease-causing aedes mosquitoes mainly breed in and around homes. According to Health department officials, growing money plant and other ornamental plants in homesteads during the lockdown has also increased the conditions for mosquito breeding.

Along with fever, the symptoms of dengue include fatigue, headache, pain behind the eyes, joint and muscle pain, and skin rash. Those who develop the symptoms have been advised to avoid self-medication and consult the nearest health centre. Even after the fever subsides, complete rest is advised for a few more days since dengue relapse can be very dangerous.

Aedes mosquitoes require very small amounts of water for breeding and their eggs remain intact for nearly a year. If exposed to moisture, the eggs will hatch within a week and it has been recommended to take all preventive measures. “For this, source eradication should be done in homes on Sundays, schools on Fridays, and institutions on Saturdays,” said District Medical Officer K.S. Shinu.

The department has also instructed to clear all larvae breeding sources like water containers, discarded coconut shells, plastic or tarpaulin sheets, broken vessels, drip pans of refrigerators, useless tires, and sunshades.

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