Expert panel of MoEF issues addl ToR for re-appraisal of YTPS after NGT stay

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Acting upon the National Green Tribunal (NGT) order dated on September 30 suspending the Environmental Clearance issued to 5×800 megawatt Yadadri Thermal Power Station, an expert appraisal committee of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has recommended submission of detailed study reports, information and certain statutory clearance by the project proponent TS-Genco as additional terms of reference for appraisal.

In tune with the directions of the NGT, the expert panel has asked the project proponent Telangana State Power Generation Corporation Ltd (TS-Genco) to submit details study reports on incremental pollution load and radioactivity studies in the indigenous coal handling in view of the change in the source of coal and cumulative impact assessment covering 25-km radius with one season data and appropriate air modelling.

Further, it has asked TS-Genco to submit the letter from PCCF regarding the exact distance between the project site and the Amrabad tiger reserve, ash utilisation plan for next five years including emergency ash utilisation, disposal and transportation, location map of industries willing to take ash from YTPS and certification of change in design parameter of ash pond by the reputed expert Government Institute in view of change in source of coal to ascertain the exact impact, if any.

In addition, the expert committee wanted the project proponent to submit a detailed plan for three rows plantation all along plant boundary, a study on quantity and quality of ash to be generated, pollution load on environment and ecology of the surrounding area, assessment of anticipated impacts and its mitigation measures, transportation of coal and ash handling system for using 100% indigenous coal for further consideration of the project by the panel for recommending EC, all to be completed in nine months form October 1 last.

The expert panel, however, stated that change in source of fuel may not affect the public issues/concerns which had already been considered during appraisal of project for grant of EC, so this may not provide the new information for the estimation of social concerns. But, during reappraisal, the panel desires in this specific case conduct of a public consultation to address the further issues, if any.

It has also asked TS-Genco to conduct studies with reference to incremental increase in the pollution load and radioactivity studies in the indigenous coal handling as pointed out by the NGT. “As per the data submitted by the project proponent, there is no change in land area, plant location, influx of population from outer areas and others. Under such circumstances, in place of public hearing the public consultation is recommended for addressing the additional issues.

However, the expert panel has observed that MoEF may examine this issue (conducting public consultation) from administrative point of view in consideration with related various office memorandums of the ministry and take appropriate decision in the matter.

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