Elimination of violence against women: cycle rally today

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The Women and Child Development department will organise a host of programmes during the 16 days between International Day for the Elimination of All Kinds of Violence against Women on Friday and December 10, Human Rights Day, as part of the Orange the World Campaign to end violence and gender discrimination against women and girls.

The theme this year is ‘UNITE! Activism to end the violence against women and girls.’

As gender inequality and social evils such as child marriage and dowry are found to be the main reasons for the increasing violence against women, the department intends to organise awareness programmes with the participation of people’s representatives, school and college students, youth, social workers, government departments, and the public.

On Friday, a cycle rally/marathon/skating programme would be organised with the participation of college students, youth, and other organisations from Martyrs’ Column at Palayam to Manaveeyam Veedhi. District Collector Geromic George will flag off the rally at 11 a.m. Messages against domestic violence, dowry, gender discrimination and violence and on various services provided by the department will be displayed during the event.

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