Couple found dead near Kilimanoor; murder-suicide suspected

4 days ago 28

A couple was found dead in their house near Kilimanoor in a suspected case of murder-suicide late Friday.

The Kilimanoor police have identified the deceased as Rajendran, 65, of Pedikulam near Karette, and his wife Sasikala, 57. The corpses were found around 11.30 p.m.

The police suspect Rajendran, a retired government employee, smothered Sasikala, his second wife, with a pillow before hanging himself from the ceiling. Rajendran’s first wife had died many years ago.

The incident came to light after Rajendran’s son, who has settled in Ernakulam, alerted a friend residing near their house to check on the couple after they were involved in a heated argument. The lifeless bodies were found after the window panes were smashed. The bodies were subsequently shifted to the Government Medical College Hospital here.

(Suicide prevention helpline: DISHA – 1056, 0471-2552056)

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