Alagiri objects to Governor’s remarks on Nehru’s regime

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Tamil Nadu Congress Committee president K. S. Alagiri has disapproved of certain remarks made by Governor R.N. Ravi while unveiling the statue of India’s second Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri in Chennai on Wednesday.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Mr. Alagiri said that Mr. Ravi had been crossing the line and discharging his role against what was prescribed by the Constitution and also causing hindrance to the development plans of the Tamil Nadu government.

Mr. Ravi had remarked that India suffered humiliation and was demoralised on the defence and food security fronts in the first 17 years of Independence (when Nehru was the Prime Minister).

Mr. Alagiri pointed out that when Nehru was ill, he made Shastri a minister without portfolio to assist him. Post Nehru’s demise, the then Congress president, Kamaraj, took efforts to make Shastri the Prime Minister by arriving at a consensus. “The appointment was made based on what Nehru told Kamaraj during his final days. Those who track history are aware about this,” he contended.

The total Budget presented during Nehru’s regime was ₹12,151 crore. With that lower amount he laid the foundation for India’s development and was hailed by the World, he said. Nehru gave priority to agriculture and allocations were made and a number of irrigation and water projects also came up. The Indian army expanded during the Nehru’s regime, he said.

“Under [current Prime Minister] Narendra Modi, there has been a border issue with China and a trade deficit with China and there can be no greater insult than this,” Mr. Alagiri said.

He urged Mr. Ravi to stop making comments about Nehru and Shastri without knowing the full facts or be prepared to face stringent criticism.

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